Community engagement

Wherever we are located, our aim is to be a good neighbour and make a positive contribution to the local community.

We strive to be a good neighbour and it is important for us to engage with the local community. We endeavour to reduce any unintended impact which our operations may have and work closely with communities around our sites to make a positive contribution to the local area.

Shanks works closely with regulators and policymakers to ensure we always operate within the law. All of our operations have the necessary permits and permissions which give us our licence to operate.

We strive to go beyond these minimum requirements and aim to lead the industry in terms of operating standards.

We are open and transparent about our community performance and the feedback we receive. Public consultation and communication is key to our continued success in operating both effectively and harmoniously in the communities we work within. The importance we place on the local community is one reason we added community comment as one of our five year CR objectives.


Reducing complaints

As part of our new five year objectives, we aim to improve community feedback by lowering the number of complaints we receive by 25% over the next five years. Just one year into our new five year CR objectives, we are more than halfway there, as the number of community complaints we received fell by 14% in 2015/16.

Since 2010, we have reduced the number of complaints received by 65%. When we do receive complaints, we respond to them as swiftly and effectively as possible. It’s the right thing to do and it demonstrates our integrity and accountability.

We feel it is our responsibility to educate local schools, colleges and community groups about waste management and the importance of recycling. As the case studies on the following pages of this section show, it is a responsibility that we are determined to live up to.

Such initiatives not only benefit those living near our sites, but also help us to grow our business. An excellent record in good community relations is vital to our efforts to grow and develop our operations. It also helps us ensure that Shanks makes a positive impact on this and future generations of communities that we operate within.

We endeavour to work closely with communities around our sites to make a positive contribution to the local area.

Important information:

On 28 February Shanks Group plc merged with Van Gansewinkel Groep BV to form Renewi plc. Information on this website is no longer being updated and is for historical reference only. Please visit for latest information, or continue to the historic Shanks Group plc website.